House History

Historic Information About Lupton House

Lupton House is listed by the Historic Places Trust and the Whangarei District Council as a Category II Historic Place.

Lupton House was built in 1896 and was originally situated at the foot of Tikipunga Hill, some 7 kms from where it is now. It was the home of a Mr Roger Lupton who was the first headmaster of Whangarei High School, which later was split into Whangarei Girls’ High School and Whangarei Boys’ High School.

Mr Lupton is remembered by the fact that Whangarei Girls High is in Lupton Avenue. The School’s boarding house is also known as Lupton House. The late Roger Lupton was born in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England on June 15th 1861, son of William Mansel and Anne Lupton. He came to New Zealand in May 1891 and commenced duty as Headmaster of Whangarei High School on June 1st 1896, with five pupils. Miss Grace Deller, joined him in Whangarei just over a year after his arrival and they were married in Christ Church on May 13th 1893. They had two daughters.

Roger Lupton remained as headmaster at Whangarei High School for 28 years until he resigned on account of ill health on May 31st 1924. He died on January 11 1926 at the age of 64 and was buried at Ketenikau Cemetery, Kamo.

One of Mr Lupton’s daughters, Miss Cecilia Lupton, who was also a teacher, continued to live in the house after his death. It was she who willed the home and its grounds to the Northland Masonic Trust. On her death the Trust established the Lupton Masonic Village on the grounds and sold this house, which was moved to Glenbervie in 1991.

The current and previous owners have carried out extensive renovations and additions, designed to retain the original character and atmosphere of the home.

Lupton House is now used as Bed & Breakfast accommodation, forming part of Lupton Lodge. For more information about the Bed and Breakfast rooms in Lupton House click here.

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