Lupton Lodge is a member of the Northland Sustainability Charter

The Northland Sustainability Charter is a project run by Enterprise Northland moving tourism businesses towards sustainable business practices relating to the environment and community.

Some of the activities undertaken by Lupton Lodge so far include:

  • recycling glass, metal and paper products where possible
  • composting food waste and feeding suitable scraps to the chickens
  • using low watt CFL bulbs where fittings permit
  • monitoring energy usage and identifying areas or possible reduction
  • buying energy and water efficient appliances
  • using heat pumps for heating and hot water to reduce electricity usage
  • minimising the use of packaging for soaps, cleaning products and food
  • using biodegradable shampoos, liquid soaps and rubbish bags
  • providing information on local activities, flora and fauna for guests

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CarboNZero Travel & Tourism Calculator

This Travel and Tourism Calculator allows travellers to calculate CO2 emissions for their New Zealand and/or overseas travel, accommodation and recreational activities. To make a calculation relating to your journey and contribute to offsetting some or all of these emissions please click here. The funds are invested in the restoration of areas of native forest in New Zealand, which contributes to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, enhancing biodiversity, reducing erosion and protecting watersheds.

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