Getting to Whangarei

Most people drive to Whangarei via Auckland. Book your rental car online for pickup in Auckland (airport or city). It takes 2.25 hours from Auckland city (or around 2.5 hours from the Airport) to get to Lupton Lodge.

You can also fly to Whangarei from Auckland Domestic Airport with Air New Zealand. Rental cars are available from Whangarei airport if you book them in advance via Pegasus, Avis, Thrifty or Budget Rentals.

For directions on how to get to Lupton Lodge once you reach Whangarei click here.

Northern Gateway Toll Road Information

There are 3 possible routes into Northland:

  1. The new tunnel/motorway road (one-way toll of $2.20 for cars)
  2. The free route along Hibiscus Coast
  3. State Highway 16 through Helensville

We recommend the new toll road to make your journey faster and easier. The toll is calculated electronically so either pay in advance or within 3 days of using the toll road. For information ways to pay the toll please click here. If you wish to visit Waiwera and/or Orewa beach then please go via the Hibiscus Coast route.

If you would like us to do the payment for the Toll Road on your behalf please let us know when you arrive at Lupton Lodge and we are happy to do so.