Absolute Top Drawer

Over the years I have stayed in, and reviewed, some really nice places. Every now and then you come across a place that is more than just a place to stay, but is an experience in itself. Lupton Lodge is one of these.

I guess it would have been quite a stately home when first built. It has been lovingly restored and is a particuarly comfortable ans serene place to stay. Although it is only a few minutes drive from the centre of Whangarei, it is in the countryside. The other posts describe the place well. It is faultless.

I was travelling with colleagues so we dined “in house”. That was another truly remarkable experience. It was a superb, custom prepared meal.
The service from Andy was spot on. Not over the top, but genuinely friendly and efficient.

I will be returning here, and recommend it to anyone looking for a really special experience.

M.C. from Christchurch

The Blue Room – August 2013

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