Kingdom of Zion – Big Cat Sanctuary

Whangarei’s Big Cat Wildlife Park, Kingdom of Zion, provides a range of unique and informative escorted walking tours for visitors.

Zion is home to 34 lions, tigers and cheetah, including a number of rare white Bengal Tigers, White amd Barbary Lions. The cats are housed in a range of cages and enclosures which you walk around the outskirts of during your tour. Many of the animals are as close as 3 feet away so you can see all their tiny details whilst hearing about their family history and characteristics from your guide.

There are 4 Standard Tours a day which run for around 60-80 minutes each (pre-booking is essential).

Tour times are 11.00, 12.30, 2.00 and 3.30pm (no 3.30pm tours on Feeding Tour days).

Zion also operate Feeding Tours at 2pm, 3 times a week (Tues, Thu and Sat), where you can really see the big cats in action – they cost a little bit more but are well worth it (pre-booking is essential).

Special Zion Offer for Lupton Lodge Guests

Guests at Lupton Lodge receive a discount of $10 per person per Kingdom of Zion tour when the tour booking is made by Lupton Lodge.

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A few other tours at Zion include:

  • When available The Lionman, Craig Busch, will introduce you to all his cats on The Lionman Tour
  • Cheetah Encounter, where up to 4 people can get up close and personal with the parks 2 adorable cheetah
  • The Behind the Scenes Experience, where you spend a day with the parks keepers and big cats

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There is an idyllic picnic area available near reception where visitors to the park can relax before or after their tour, watch the deer wander by and listen to the lions roar.

Kingdom of Zion (formerly known as Zion Wildlife Gardens) is located to the west of Kamo in Whangarei – 25 minutes drive from Lupton Lodge.